Friday, 11 November 2016

Love Crofton

THIS WEEK'S QUESTION: What ways were you involved in "Love Crofton"? How have you seen or experienced God work in you or around you, as you loved our neighbors by serving them in practical ways? What were some highlights? What did you find challenging?

            I was involved in Love Crofton in three ways, I raked and did other yard work at one house, painted a room and did a few odd jobs at another house, and finally I helped clean the vehicles used for transportation and hauling. I experienced God’s love on a very personal level after finishing painting a room for Diana Schwestak. Isabella, Virginia and myself had a very nice conversation with Diana when we finished up painting. Diana asked us about our stories that brought us to the Kaleo Program and after that she told us many spiritual stories that have unfolded throughout her life, many of which affected me on a very emotional level. I felt encouraged to see again a very beautiful example of someone who has given their life to Christ and doing his work. My highlights included the conversation my group had with Diana, and the entire cleaning process of the vehicles was very enjoyable because we played around a lot and it was super fun. What I found very challenging for myself was that for the first few days of Love Crofton, I was very sick and was unable to help out. Overall, I enjoyed Love Crofton great and only regret that I wasn’t able to help out for the entire week due to my sickness. I pray that us Kaleo goofballs really did make a difference and encouraged Crofton and showed it real love.