Friday, 28 October 2016

Blog 3000

THIS WEEK'S QUESTION: How have you seen or experienced God working in your ministry areas during a retreat weekend?

            This last weekend (Oct22-24) I was given the opportunity to act as a cabin counsellor for the juniors retreat at Camp Qwanoes. I saw God move in so many ways through the juniors and found him moving in my heart also. I saw kids being impacted to there very core by God. I saw some even come to believe in God as their personal saviours. I saw my own cabin kids grow and learn lots about God through his word during chapel and devotions. I saw them grow personally and I tried my very best to be a positive impact in their lives. It was through this that I grew to know my campers and many others.

            It was quite amazing that both my and Evan Klaasen get to lead our group of kids who are all from the area of Warmland Church. This was so great because we both got to know the kids that we see on a weekly basis and we got to see how they interact with each other and their environment. It was such a blessing to be able to teach our campers about the God we love and follow. Getting to know the kids from around Warmland was also great because we were able grow closer with them and encourage them to make it down for Youth nights and church services. It was awesome that God was able to work in the campers lives through me and the other councillors.

            I saw God working in myself during the retreat this last weekend. Some other councillors and friends mentioned to me that I was great with the kids and working at camp with kids again felt great and encouraged me greatly towards my goal and calling of working in children’s or youth ministry in the near future. 

Thursday, 13 October 2016

Blog 2.5

How have you been intentionally making connections with the children and youth from your church? How about the connections with pastors, ministry teams, or other church leaders? How do you feel about these connections?
Due by: Friday, October 14th at 11:59 AM.

   For the past few weeks, I have been invited to Warmland church and they have been hosting events such as Awana/Ignite nights. By collaborating with the pastors of the church, I have made myself available to help out with whatever they needed me to do. It has been a passion of mine, to see the faces of the kids attending Awana/Ignite on Wednesdays. I never seem to have a problem with playing with them. Games are more than just an ice breaker with the kids, they help form a trusting relationship with them in a safe place like the church.  I pray that I can create a safe place in the church for them. To care for and accept these kids and ultimately love them unconditionally as God has loved us. It all starts by understanding them and building that relationship with these children that will make an impact. I hope that, as I continue to attend these nights with the children that I can make a connection and that God can work through me to make a difference in their lives. 

   It has been lots of fun getting to know all these new people through church and even in our small group as it gives us time to get to see each other grow in the church community. I have also made connections with some of the different members of the church. Almost every Sunday, some of them have been inviting us over to their home for lunch and it has been such a blessing as we’ve grown to know lots about them. By inviting us into their homes, we see a beautiful connection between each member and it does remind me of my home.

   Finally, to answer the last question. As much as the children are full energy, it is sometimes hard to keep up with them. Overall I feel like I need to improve my connections with the children and the leaders of the church because I am so new in their community. I hope that I can also keep up with the children and continues to learn and understand them as much as possible.